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Kasper is a foreign correspondent for De Standaard, working on special reporting projects around the world. His work also appears in Al Jazeera English, De Groene Amsterdammer and other media.

Kasper has reported from more than 20 countries in four continents. He sat down with countless refugees, many ministers and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He has also interviewed rebels and bandits, human traffickers and the corrupt friends of dictators.

Kasper is most proud of his reporting on European migration policy in the desert of Niger, his investigation into the total collapse of Venezuela, his longread from Russian Kaliningrad and his portrait of Murad’s desperate journey back to Iraq.

Before joining De Standaard in May 2017, Kasper had worked for two years as an independent international reporter, contributing to Al Jazeera, De Morgen, Die Welt, Vrij Nederland, Knack, Le Vif and many others. He holds a BA in Print Journalism from Ghent and an Honors degree in International Reporting from the Media Schools of Utrecht and Aarhus. After graduating in 2015, he co-founded the journalistic collective The Caravan’s Journal.

  • De Standaard: kasper.goethals@standaard.be
  • The Caravan’s Journal: kasper@thecaravansjournal.org
  • Personal: kasper_goethals@hotmail.com
  • Mobile number in Belgium: +32(0)474709473
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