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Kasper Goethals is an investigative journalist and international reporter. He joined the longform desk of De Standaard as a staff writer in 2018.

Kasper has reported on the ground from over forty countries. He has written about president Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, the war in Ukraine, the last northern white rhinos in the world, migrant smugglers in the Sahara, and a troubled US army translator who became a refugee in Europe, but later returned to his homeland Iraq. Before joining De Standaard Kasper worked for several years as an independent freelancer for Al Jazeera English, Die Welle, Knack and others.

Over the past few years, Kasper’s work was nominated for several major journalism awards in Belgium and the Netherlands. He was awarded the national press prize in Belgium in 2020 and 2022 for investigations in Uganda and the Democratic Republic in Congo.

Kasper holds and honours degree in international reporting from the journalism schools of Utrecht (NL) and Aarhus (DK).



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