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Kasper Goethals is an international investigative journalist for De Standaard. He became a staff writer in 2018.

In recent years he has worked from over thirty countries on four continents, including Iraq, Russia, Niger, Venezuela and Myanmar. He has investigated president Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, visited the war in Ukraine, and reported on the journey of migrants through the Sahara and across the Mediterranean sea. One of the stories he is most proud of, is a long portrait of a troubled former US army translator, who after becoming a refugee in Europe, returned to his homeland Iraq. Another is an investigation with his colleague Roeland Termote which revealed that the European Council headquarters in Brussels was built by undocumented workers who at times went without pay.

Kasper’s work was nominated for several press prizes in Belgium and the Netherlands, and in 2020 he won the national Belgian press award (Belfius) for his investigation about the Belgian gold trader Alain Goetz in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Before joining De Standaard, Kasper worked for three years as a freelance reporter for Knack, De Groene Amsterdammer and international media. He is currently based in Brussels and continues to cover an eclectic beat. He studied journalism in Ghent and international investigative journalism in Utrecht and Aarhus.



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