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pp (1).jpegKasper Goethals is a feature writer for the Belgian national newspaper De Standaard, working on special reporting projects around the globe.

Kasper started working as a freelancer in 2015. Since then his reporting has brought him to over thirty countries in four continents. Most of his work deals with migration to Europe, but it also includes reporting projects from countries such as Venezuela, Burma, Iraq, Uganda, Russia and Qatar.

Kasper is most proud of his investigation into the shady business of a major Belgian gold trader in Uganda. His article about unpaid, undocumented workers at the construction site of the EU Council’s headquarters made international headlines. Also amongst his favorite work: this report on the EU’s efforts to stop migrants in the desert of Niger, an investigation into the total collapse of socialist Venezuela, a longread from Russian Kaliningrad and this portrait of Murad, a former US army translator on a desperate journey back to Iraq.

Much of his work is the result of collaboration with Coen van de Ven, Olivia Kortas and Johannes De Bruycker. After graduating in 2015, Kasper and his friends founded the journalistic cross-border collective The Caravan’s Journal.  The members of the collective continue to travel and report together across borders.

Before joining De Standaard, in May 2017, Kasper had worked for two years as an independent international reporter, contributing to Al Jazeera, De Morgen, Die Welt, Vrij Nederland, Knack, Le Vif and many others. He holds a BA in Print Journalism from Ghent and an Honors degree in International Reporting from the Media Schools of Utrecht and Aarhus.

Finally, Kasper finds it a bit silly to write about himself in the third person.

“What I see is the day in all its absurdity and triviality.”
― Joseph Roth



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Awards and nominations

  • In 2017, Kasper and the other members of The Caravan’s Journal were nominated for a Belgian Press Freedom Prize for their cross-border investigative work and international educational projects for young storytellers.
  • In 2018, Kasper and Coen’s story on a road trip through Central and Eastern Europe was nominated for the Best Report Award of the Dutch fund Freepress Unlimited.
  • In 2019, Kasper was nominated for the De Loep, Belgium and The Netherland’s leading investigative journalism prize. His story – ‘I was a slave, what else would you call working in construction without getting paid?’ – detailed cases of serious exploitation of Ukrainians across different businesses in Belgium.
  • In 2020, Kasper was again nominated for the De Loep, Belgium and The Netherland’s leading investigative journalism prize. His story on Belgian gold trader Alain Goetz, paints a damning picture of the gold business in the African Great Lakes region.